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tv   Local 12 News at 5  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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be effective in 23 other states. >> and there's another push to legalize marijuana in ohio. this time it's only for medical purposes. good evening, everybody. making marijuana legal in ohio is not a dead issue and picking up speed again. >> and legalizing marijuana for medical reasons only. jeff hirsh was at the session in uc and why some parents are pushing hard for the change. >> this is lucy shulton. she's a 12-year-old kid. >> and nicole shelton brought their daughter and their story to a public forum. the meds her mother takes now, are useless. >> three months ago, ohio voters rejected marijuana both
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families would like to legalize medical marijuana only. medical pot is legalized in other states. >> and that is win of the extraordinary families. uprooting our fraggic families, like so many others are doing. it's a phenomenon, called can cannibus one said, it was a medical marijuana bill, before the legislature soon. i asked, how soon? this year. >> and who is going to become a millionaire.
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there are the notion that lose unacceptable. i i believeve every parent >> there were about 20 speakers at today's session. those earned cages. need to be carefully regulated. the sen senators are looking to a. there are, and get legalization before voters. . smeek ing ing he was in his house today. smoke filled the, the home, by
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>> william scott. : >> thaker couldn't get out and died at the scene. na hearing today, judge rescheduled michelle shuster's trial to march. her police say the chevy cavalier swerved, and last april. hit a group of duke energy subcontractors. foreother workers were hurt. investigators say, shoes er er i gragg vatted him to 120 fa.
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that's according to the nem. and the airplane says eligible believe. and they will be able to transfer different delta stations across jook >> he said he wants to take a closer look at the district of hamilton county. and in light of concern concerns about msd's competitive bidding, contracts and payments. an investigation shows, it may have stayed. . and the tri-state is getting cold. milder weather is on the way >> erica collura is here. >> and we will continue to track most of the flurries. east east.
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>> we're still seeing some flurries. around fort. just west of amellia. >> getting west of claremont counties. again, most of adams county, still seeing some light flakes or flurries. into areas in northern robinson county. and we are, those are on. temperatures lingered and you could see down to the west. a, a little clearing and central portions of ind quanna. we're looking at mostly clear skies later this evening. temperatures right now, around freezing for am mill top. and 34 our next fec
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back to you. >>
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. >> planners are hoping a brewery will help the redevelopment. brink brewing will soon be college hill's first brewery. the owner says the tap room and brewery will be like a coffee shop but with beer. drink plans to have eight to 12 beers on tap they are planning to open before the end of the year. after a disappointing finish in iowa, donald trump steps up his efforts in the first nation's primary. it took a break from his attacks against rival, ted cruz in the campaign trail in new hampshire. day after accusing cruz, with officials looking over the campaign mailers. trump was leading in the polls in iowa before a last minute surge from cruz. the campaign is trying to avoid a second loss in new hampshire. >> we have more volunteers, more active in the call centers. we have more people knocking on doors.
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>> marco rubio is working to court court paul voters. he told them about. and democrat bernie sanders, and hillary clinton hold their first one on one debate tonight >> watchdog for the u.s. department. former secretary of state, condoleezza rice also received national e-mail, on their personal account.
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reviewing the records of five former secretary of state and
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and today, he'e' february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each...
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. newly revealed internal e-mails, showing officials, in rick schneider's -- were aware
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related to flint's water since last march. when he disclosed the spike, schneider said he learned about it a couple days earlier. the outbreak was well-known within state agencies. meanwhile, michigan lawmakers are working to approving 4 million, facing led contaminated water. >> mosquitoes are rapidly spreading the balance in latin america and caribbean. florida's governor is the first county, in the united states, involving the virus. the state health department confirmed, travelers brought back 12 cases. >> we have 23.20 people, similar to the mosquitoes, that could
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it's very good you a head of us. >> followed residents, the tourism is safe and spreading is in place in many counties. new at 5:30. hear why local health authorities think, it's important to start testing mosquitoes in our area as well. appearance in capitol hill by pharmaceutical chief, leaves members of a house committee infur rated. he's the man that many point to as the face of run away drug prices. not only did he -- antiinfection drugs. he appeared to be smirking in it his hour long appearance. >> do you think you've done anything wrong on the advice of council, i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self infliction and decline to answer your question. >> he described the lawmakers as
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>> president obama is getting ready to unveil an ambitious plan for a 21st century clean transportation system. he hopes to pay for it on attacks for oil companies. $10 for every barrel. in his final budget request, the president will propose more than 300 billion worth of investments in the next decade in mass transit. high speed rail and self-driving cars. it's designed to reduce carbon emission. the oil fee could have 20 cents per gallon and has little chance of passing the republican controlled congress. >> and erica, we were just getting used to the 50s and 60s. boom, today hits and it's winter again. >> five days in the 60s and i can't believe i missed all five.
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the weekend will be milder. it's not as good as 60s but we will make it to the 60s. we're starting to see the clouds break apart and starting to see it take place from west to east. i know it's hard because it's kind of looking straight ahead. we have breaks in the cloud cover that we have around right now, as we currently look from the atrium weather camera to downtown cincinnati. we're tracking light flurries. nothing to be worried about. we're not looking at any accumulation. few flakes flying from the sky we have in anderson to amellia. in western portions of claremont county, few flakes in brown county as well. again, no accumulation. it goes down to mazeville and abigail as well. areas of highland county, clinton and warren county, mainly around lebanon and eastward.
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we'll continue to watch the clouds clear out from west to east. you could see it move in the next couple of hours. we should get rid of the flurry activity this evening. those clear skies will allow the temperatures to fall later on this evening. the clouds, will be mainly with us to the north of cincinnati for tomorrow morning. we're looking at a gradual clearing trend. so far this month, we have picked up nothing for the first four days of february. after rang for the first four days, over an inch. we're kind of falling behind for the seasonal total. as you could imagine, we have not seen much in the tri-state. el nino has a lot to do with that. temperatures currently. upper 20s. 32 in batavia. 33 at the airport. owington, and hillsborough, 330. few flurries around west union.
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degree mark. wind speeds and direction, we have wind behind the cold front that's to the east, coming out of the northwest direction, pulling in the colder air. we're learning anywhere from 12-18 degrees colder than we were at the same time, at the same time. temperatures are continuing to fall in the 30s and into the 20s. evening forecast, it looks like this. we see gradually clearing skies. temperatures by 8:00, should be in the upper 20s. 28 in cincinnati by 9:00. mid-20s by 11:00, with mainly clear skies. tonight, we fall to the lower 20s for overnight low temperatures. tomorrow morning, that's what we're starting off with. we also have a lot more bright skies. mostly sunny at noon. 38 degrees and we make it to the lower 40s for tomorrow with partly cloudy skies by the end of the day. the weekend, it's not looking too bad. 48 on sunday. it looks like we start to see an unsettled pattern. and monday, tuesday, weapons,
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possibilities. it may be a little bit of rain to snow shower mix in the on set on monday. mainly for areas east of cincinnati, who are warm enough. i don't think that will cause any icing problems. roads will be cold monday and tuesday for it to stick. we'll have to watch for the accumulation and we'll keep track of that. the roads will be monday, tuesday an wednesday, especially. >> thanks a lot >> thanks a, erica. >> some say it's the real stars of the super bowl, the commercials.
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a local 14-year-old . >> playboy enters a new era, march 2016 issue that hits newsstands is the first new -- nonedition. it shows sarah mcdaniel posing in a become kinney, that resembles a snap chat standard. and the decision to remove full nudity started to decrease leadership to the effect of pornography in the internet. the strategy opens the door to new advertisers. playboy's critics say it's a mistake.
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because he's 90-year-old. i think playboy felt, it's going in a different direction. the problem, there's not another direction. >> hef has not lost his mind. hef is leading the creative repositions of playboy to make it available for millennial males as he launched the playboy magazine in the 50s. >> along with the nudity, playboy did away with a pair of long writing features in the jokes. it will be printed with better quality paper and without a bag covering it on shelves. that means more main line newsstands, including 1200 locations. they are trying to steak a bigger claim. documents filed with the state show the team wants $5 million in taxpayer money to build a new practice facility in columbus. and move its summer training
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state. they hold camp, suburb barea. the idea is to draw backlash there. nearly 300 fans had a scrimmage in the summer. >> and bengals fans are loyal; right?. >> who they. >> super bowl xl is three days away. the game is part of the show. 24 year, companies will fork over 5 million for a 30 minute spot. terry okita has a preview from san francisco. >> it's becomes sports among advisers who create the most buzz super bowl ads. >> commercials are splashed across social media, weeks before the big game. reposted and retweeted to get more bang for the buck. >> really have to get the elbows. >> fantastic idea. >> takes a lot of bucks. a 30 second commercial now fetches $4.8 million.
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a minute costs less than 38 thousand. kia motors, coo says it's worth it. >> we saw or heard qualifytive, people who saw the spot, came in and test drove the vehicle and ultimately bought the vehicle. >> car and beer ads, still dominates. women are still the focus. >> celebrities push a variety of products while cute and cuddly animals never fail. >> it's appointment tv. it's the one time, where everybody in america are watching. >> in celebration of the super bowl xlth anniversary, stars of the all-time classic commercial, mean joe green, all out coke kit, reunited after almost 40 years.
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san francisco. >> local 12 is your home for super bowl xl this sunday. we have a full range of cover rang, between the broncos and panthers. kick off, 6:30. live at 12:30, nightmare on dream street. what a local community is doing to get rid of an eye sore. new information on. local 12, joe webb. i'll have that story coming up. . >> every day, the world health
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or what you hear about is the >> being overly precautious at this point, given the nature of his role of the church, especially since it was
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>> the investigation continues to a northern kentucky youth pastor charged with raping a little girl. good evening. youth pastor is locked up on charges he raped a foster child. >> his arrest shot the members of the baptist church. and joe webb has the latest on the investigation. joseph nemeyer. >> he's been charged with a variety of counts, rape, sod domi, all of those in the first-degree because they are of a child under 12-year-old. >> the victim was a foster child. the abuse went on for three years. the pastor of new banquet said
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he respected and trusted nemmeyer and his wife. >> and the senior pastor of the church, nemeyer came to him and inappropriately touched the girl. the pastor brought him to the police. he admitted touching the girl abuse. when the girl was interviewed, she described a pattern of rape and sodomy. those crimes. >> faces up to life in prison and up to 10 years, five to 10 years on each count of sexual abuse. >> all the allegations stem from events at nemmeyer's home, not the church. there's no allegations of wrongdoing of children in the youth minute tree. >> they are looking everywhere they can find for any possible children he would have had contact with. make sure there are no other victims.
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>> independence, joe webb, local 12 news. >> and nemeyer is held on 100 thousand cash bond. he will be in court on tuesday. taking bids to demolish a hotel that has a long history of violations. the health department forced everyone out of florence inn last september. mold, trash and debris was some of the issues that may be inlivable. they voted unanimously that tore down the inn. it could come down by the end of the month. >> there's plans to open a new grocery store. they will open a new store on jay street. we will have a lunch counter that will offer freshly made foods prepared by a chef in front of shoppers much the owners expect to be open in september. and a toddler's death, could lead to a new law in indiana that keeps track of child abusers. the bill will keep a list of sex offender registries.
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19-month old boy who died of a brain injury last year while under a baby-sitter's care. the sitter pleaded not guilty to child neglect. and six people inside a home were found dead. five adults and one child all suffered stab wounds. they were found after a man called police and asked for a well-being check. >> presidential candidate ben carson slashing his campaign staff by more than half. the neuro surgeon struggled late followed behind the pack. most who were let go were in iowa. the leaner staff will help them focus on new hampshire and south carolina. >> a deal is reached. the retiring murrieta police chief will be able to buy his k-9 partner after you will. he ended up paying $1 for ajax. the city found a legal opinion
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get him for that amount. he was originally thought he would have to buy him at auction because he was ajax. ajax was city property. and all the money is going to be donated for non-profit that provides protective vests for protective k-9's. if you are watching the super bowl and why wouldn't you? some of the memorable things you could see, of course, commercials. >> a local non-profit will be featured in one of the spots. sydney benter is live with big brothers and big sisters. they are holding a preview party. how exciting, sydney. >> hey, there, paula. hi to step out of the room, and where they are having an nfl patio party. they have these annually. very frequently, actually. they moved inside because it's a little too cold outside.
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as we did step outside, so i could hear you guys. you are probably wondering, what the company has to do with big brothers, big sisters. i could tell you, they have a partnership that they fax nearly a decade. tonight, they unveiled one of the biggest projects together yet. a super bowl commercial that will air this sunday on local 12 news. we want to show you a sneak peek of the commercials. it features then and now, looks at the friendships of children they were matched with. they have an in-house connection, too. vice president of sales, nathan nipper is a former little, featured in the spot. >> and spent five years with my -- and had a great, you know, overall experience. you know, still today, when i look back at my professional and personal development, i reflect back at an early mentor, guiding
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>> and just a little bit ago, he announced, will donate, 45 thousand to big brothers and big sisters. i could tell you, i have a little bit of connection. this organization is near and dear to my heart. the party is very lively inside. reporting live, sydney benter, local 12 news. >> i'm learning new things here, too. sydney, is this a full fledge 30 second commercial? seconds. it may be shorter. it's a legitimate commercial that will air on local 12. it's really neat to hear some success stories from big brothers and big sisters. you could catch it this weekend. >> thanks so much sydney. the big brothers, big sister is scheduled to air, 8:10 sunday night. whether it's 20 seconds or 30, it will air 8:10. still ahead at 5:30,
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tell you the area you need to avoid.
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pha . mud is sliding down a hill and spilling to columbia parkway, forcing part of the road to close. mud is coming out of the retaining wall near william howard taft road.
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remain closed through tomorrow's rush-hour. at 9:00, all the lanes of columbia parkway will close from vain street to torrance parkway to allow city crews to retain the soil. >> and one, to help shape the future of tristate community. the comprehensive plan that outlines the next 20 years, is updated. housing, economic development. some of the topics that will have to be addressed. if you want the division, we have details on how to get involved on hover over the news tab and click the get it now button. marina with 120 slips, in the slick lakes in howard county. it's nearly complete and should be able to open in april. in addition to the slips, building with rest rooms and showers.
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for boaters. more slips could be added there in the future. 242 acres of land in claremont county will be developed as a business park. the south afton commerce park. it will be in williamsburg township. it will be available to manufacturers. 4.9 million was completed this week. the site has a potential for a big boost to claremont county economy.
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. >> do you have a way with words? you could be cincinnati's, lor yat, poet lor yat will encourage reading and writing of poems in the city. and you feed to be 18 and leave in the city. applications will be taken through february 26th. gas prices have been slowly falling. most people think that's great. low priced oil, seems to be coming for high costs for those in the oil and gas industry. the long range impact that could be tough for the economy and the u.s. and around the world. >> they are a colossal employer
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we have seen more than 100 thousand jobs, employees lose work in the past couple of years, due to the drop in oil prices. now we have to figure out, is there a balanced there. what do you do? you don't want to lay off all the people, but at the same time, having the cheap gas prices. >> scott feldman hosting, full measure with phil atkinson this week. we'll watch it 7:00, right here on local 12. >> excitement building. >> when is it. >> i think it's sunday on local 12. downtown san francisco. they are turning what they are calling the nfl persons. >> nfl experience, always fantastic. group of players, got to spend time with the families. and sergio avala with more on the celebration. >> and today, the nfl fan experience, it's all about player dad. getting to spend a little
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children. >> go deep. >> oh. >> and good pitch. >> lorenzo alexander has been there for eight season. this time on the field is most important. >> we can have our platform to show over men to take a role in the child's life. >> one of -- to attend the first ever football dad's breakfast. a chance to celebrate fatherhood and a great touchdown. >> let's go. get it. >> and one of the things, we often times underestimate the father factor. >> head coach, jim caldwell, the special guest speaker. raised four children through a coaching career that spans decades >> make certain, you're scheduling things, that you make certain that you get your child to the point you want them. >> and super bowl sunday approaches, the focus is not just on the game, but on the family. >> count of three, look them in the eye.
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one, two, three, go!. >> and this all part of the nfl's play 60 campaign. they encourage all young people to get out and have fun outside for a 60 minutes a day. reporting in san francisco, sergio avala. >> super bowl xl airs on local 12. kick-off around 6:30. >> and good evening, to you. we're starting to see the clearing take place across much of the local 12 viewing area, west of the cincinnati. it's where you see here. that's looking live, in the weather camera in college hill. this will continue to spread eastward. right now, sun sets at 6:02 this evening. we'll start to see the sunset a couple of minutes each day. and right now, i'm still tracking a couple of flurries across mainly areas east of
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we have a few flakes falling in portions of central and eastern warren county through clinton county around port william. down to southern clinton county around blanchester and few flakes and flurries around hillsborough. southwestern highland county and into brown and central claremont county, we have a few flurries as well. this shouldn't worry you at all. it's a few flakes. it's not going to accumulate on the ground. we have a few flakes falling around mount olivette. that will continue to shift eastward around the evening. we will also see the clearing eastward as well. we'll see the clearing from west to east. we will see mostly clear to clear skies later on tonight as the flurries depart. we'll see the clouds depart soon after. temperatures right now, in the upper 20s for some of us. liberty indiana. 33 in hillsborough. we're 33 at the airport. 30 for hillsborough. and lower 30s in adams county
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we're 15 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. you could definitely feel it, if you've been outside all day today. we will see a slight warm up. in the last five days, we're in the last -- from last saturday through yesterday, we were 60 to 64 degrees. that's over 20 degrees above the average. average high temperature, 40 degrees this time of year. last time we saw a five day stretch, 65 degree days in january and february. we have to go back to late february at that, 2000. early january, 1998, one of our el nino winters. that's what you get. you get milder weather mixing in into the winter. not a whole lot of snow. we're falling way behind in terms of snowfall as well, which i know you already know. tonight's forecast, we're snow-free. temperatures are going to be falling, by 8:00. mid-20s for 11:00, with mainly
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winds out of the west, northwest direction, 5-10 miles an hour. it will feel a little colder. it will be colder tonight, compared to what we will woke up this morning. we'll be falling to the lower 20s. some folks, outlining areas, 20-21. tomorrow morning, that's where we land. and we'll have mostly sunny skies throughout the afternoon, with temperatures around 38. we'll see a few more clouds develop around the afternoon and early evening hours, temperatures topping to 42 degrees. milder afternoon. winds out of the southwest for friday and into the weekend. that's what helps to warm us in the 40s. we'll be a little above average this time of year. saturday and sunday, looking great. we'll see a little disturbance moving through. and we'll keep a close eye on that throughout the weekend. otherwise, we'll see 47 saturday, 48 sunday. lows will dip to the lower mid
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next week, starting a little unsettled, we'll see rain to showers. and most of the precipitation will be snow showers. snow showers will linger to tuesday an wednesday as well. road temperatures will be cold enough, especially as it gets to monday night, tuesday and wednesday, for the snow to stick. watch for road conditions to kind of deteriorate or get slick early next work we're week. >> thank you. . if you listened to soul or r&b, and earth wind and fire, his illness forced him to stop touring with the band. his brother still produces with him. maurice white was 74-year-old >> how are you feg about going to work every day? turns out many of us may feel bad after the super bowl. ahead at # can, results of new
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calling in sick after the big game. the new episodes beginning with the big bang theory, 8:00,
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it airs at .
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health expert, be very vigilant especially where mosquitoes are prevalent. >> what's being done here to protect against the virus. the zika virus, appears to be from the bite of mosquitoes. and dr. tim ingram says we usually find these types of mosquitoes in central america and the caribbean. >> although we have found 80s in ohio. >> given that we have the type of mosquitoes in the area, are we more at risk. >> no, i think what we have, to watch, this is an emerging infection. >> dr. ingram says, the concern about the emerging infection, it could cause birth defects in babies. if a mother is infected. like the west nile virus, they will start tracking this in
5:47 pm
dr. ingram says he may do it from assistance with a group he used for west nile called swarm. >> it stood for southwest regional mosquito task force. >> given it appears the man from texas got infected from a mosquito in another part of the world and passed the virus through sexual contact, you wonder about the concern for women and pregnancy. we're hearing about a human-to-human transmission. i know we're still learning more but what do we know so far? >> i don't know if we know a lot yet. >> the transmission, a potential vaccine and how it spreads, now part of the studies. ingram says he expects to know more soon, so we can ramp up from mosquito biting time. >> as we head to the mosquito season, we will remain vigilant. we will do what we expect to do. >> and at the public health center, liz bonis, local 12 news.
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families, social media challenges, bringing a matter of life and death. how it's bringing people together to prevent suicides in the tri-state. >> nearly two dozen students are
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the problem that called for . >> an don't forget the challenge. i shall live and not die. >> and tri-state families answer a call to action, amid fears teen suicide are linked to a challenge on social media.
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the ohio office confirms two
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